Available to buy in Tesco StoresWhere to buy Bebivita baby foods

Bebivita Fruit Pots and Fruity Breakfast cereal are now available to buy in selected Aldi and Lidl stores.

Please note that not all stores stock the full range.


Jars (from 4+ Months) Lidl Aldi
Bebivita Cottage Pie Avaialble  
Bebivita Vegetables & Chicken with rice Avaialble Avaialble


Jars (from 7+ Months) Lidl Aldi
Bebivita Vegetable & Turkey Casserole Avaialble  
Bebivita Spaghetti Bolognese   Avaialble
Bebivita Tomato & Ham Pasta Bake Avaialble Avaialble
Bebivita Fruit & Yogurt - Banana   Avaialble


Fruit Pots Lidl Aldi
Apple, Peach & Apricot Avaialble  


Pouches Lidl Aldi
Apple, peach & mango pouch Avaialble  
Apple, banana & blueberry pouch Avaialble  


Dried Recipes Lidl Aldi
Fruity Breakfast Cereal Avaialble  


Snacks (from 7+ Months) Lidl Aldi
Bebivita Biscotti Biscuits    


Bebivita Juices Lidl Aldi
Apple Juice with Mineral Water Avaialble  


Little Dinners (1-3 years) Lidl Aldi
Bebivita Pasta Bolognese Avaialble Avaialble